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여러분 안녕하세요.
한국에는 지금 3만명이 넘는 북한이탈주민이 살고 있습니다. 남북한 모두 분명히 같은 민족이고 같은 언어를 사용해 왔음에도 불구하고 이들이 한국에서 가장 어려워 하는 문제가 영어라는 사실을 아시고 계시는지요? 사방 천지 영어 간판과 뜻을 알수 없는 영어식 표현으로 이들은 학교와 직장과 동네에서 어렵게 살고 있습니다. "컴퓨터 클리닝"이라고 쓴 세탁소에 컴퓨터를 들고 같다는 웃지 못한 일들도 잇다고 하네요

그래서 TNKR 이 나섰습니다. 미국인 케이시 라티크씨와 한국인 이은구씨가 공동설립자로 잇는 TNKR은 새터민들의 무료 영어 일대일 매칭을 제공하는 한편 영어 스피치 프로그램을 제공하여 그들의 자신감 향상과 북한인권 실상과 북한 이탈주민들의 삶을 널리 알리는데 큰 기여를 하고 있습니다.

미래 한반도의 통일의 디딤돌을 마련하고 있는 TNKR은 여러분의 소중한 지지와 성원을 기다리고 있습니다.


Hello everyone. This is Ken EOM TNKR Special ambassador.

There are 30,000 North Korean Refugees in South Korea. Even though South and North Korean use same language, Korea, there are many communication problems between South Koreans and North Korean defectors. Just because of English and Konglish. One defector brought a computer the laundromat to fix a computer because that laundromat signed "COMPUTER CLEANING". HAHAHA

It is really challenge to learn English for those Refugees because all universities, high schools, companies could use many English words.

So TNKR now, provides free teaching English program for them and also give a opportunity them to give a English public speech which is about North Korean human rights to help realized awareness of North Korea. Those program gives to grow self confident and help to adopt South Korean society. TNKR is a little big hero.

Tnkr is waiting your supports, your participation and your precious dedications.
Please make a donation. Thank you so much.


Hello everyone. This is a TNKR special ambassador, Ken Eom. I am also from North Korea.
TNKR is teaching English freely to North Korean Refugees who live in South Korea.
There are 260 North Korean refugees have improved their English and 590 tutors have being teaching for those people through TNKR.

However, we don’t have any financial sponsoring such as governmental or local governmental supports and the company sponsoring. Therefore, we even cover tighten office rental cost. Please get your involvement and make a donation.

“Involvement would make a better and lovely world”
If you are interested Teach North Korean Refugees, here are some links


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About Matching Donation Alert

This page will announce Matching Donation Opportunities for TNKR. To convert to US $, click the drop-down menu at the top to change from Korean Won to US dollars.

So far this fundraiser has generated two successful Matching Gift opportunities for TNKR. We now have two opportunities that will be wrapped into one!

Opportunity 3:
When: Launching July 1 (but donations raised now can also be added to the total retroactively)!
What: The law firm of Shin and Kim has offered a 2 million won donation ($1,767) to TNKR to help us with the speech contest.
Status: Active!

Opportunity 2:
Status: Completed!
When: Announced on May 26, completed on June 10.
Deadline: June 15
What: Two anonymous donors have offered donations that can be matched totaling almost 4 million won (about $3,500). That means that every donation really matters because it helps us chip away at that 4 million won total!

* Opportunity 1
Status: Completed!
When: Announced on May 2, completed on May 6.
What: TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue matched the first 1 million won (about $900).

Half of these Matching donation opportunities will be used to help TNKR with its international expansion and the other half will be used for TNKR's operations. As of June 1, TNKR has no paid staff, that means that all donations will support operations.

You can also donate through the TNKR bank account:
Woori Bank

email to confirm your donation is credited to this matching opportunity.

TNKR began as a humble gathering in March 2013 when we matched a handful of North Korean refugees with volunteer tutors in Seoul. Since then, more than 280 refugees have studied with more than 580 volunteer tutors and coaches.

English is important to helping refugees access opportunities in South Korea. According to one study, 32 percent of refugees drop out of school because of problems with English (that's even higher than 28 percent who dropped out to earn money). Of refugees who said they considered dropping out, another 33 percent cited English as a reason. English is needed for employment tests in South Korea, so many refugees get eliminated almost immediately.

After our recent trip to the UK, we learned that refugees there are also struggling with English. We hope that we can provide support for refugees there.

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