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Give a little each month by Paul 0% of ₩500 raised Manny Dume's storytelling night for TNKR by Casey ₩0 raised Help bring TNKR to the UK by Jihyun ₩160,435 raised Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee (autograph) ₩1,082,828 raised Shin & Kim Matching donation by Shin & Kim 20% of ₩2,100,000 raised TNKR Forever by Eben V. 24% of ₩1,140,430 raised I Love TNKR by Jun ₩100,000 raised Art for TNKR by Taihyun ₩0 raised Josef's Fundraiser for TNKR by Josef 3% of ₩400,000 raised Give North Korean refugees a bright future! by Natalie 7% of ₩500,000 raised English for North Korean in South Korea by jejoon 4% of ₩500,000 raised ToB Bag by Hyunji ₩168,000 raised Help Give North Korean Refugees a Voice! by Richard 29% of ₩500,000 raised Kevin Royal's Fundraiser for TNKR by Kevin 99% of ₩782,131 raised Donations for Teach North Korean Refugees by Tony 0% of ₩100,000 raised Support North Korean Refugees by Hyeonjin 4% of ₩1,000,000 raised Teaching English to North Korean Refugees by Jessica 0% of ₩200,000 raised Run this town by Michael 0% of ₩200,000 raised Tutoring with Teach North Korean Refugees by Kevin 2% of ₩1,000,000 raised Fund TNKR's Future by Spencer 55% of ₩2,000,000 raised Help North Korean Refugees in South Korea by Natali 0% of ₩100,000 raised TNKR by Phillip 11% of ₩200,000 raised Mother's Day Appeal by Jane 5% of ₩200,000 raised Help North Korean Refugees Learning English by Zac 112% of ₩300,000 raised TNKR Prince Party Fundraiser! by Peter 83% of ₩700,000 raised Casey Lartigue's fundraiser for TNKR by Casey Lartigue 57% of ₩10,999,995 raised For A Brighter Tomorrow by William 69% of ₩100,000 raised Art for English by Leonie 40% of ₩248,000 raised Support North Korean Refugees by Dylan 15% of ₩200,000 raised Running for a New Life by Lindsay 0% of ₩500,000 raised Education for North Korean Refugees by Celena 18% of ₩500,000 raised Teach North Korean Refugees Fundraiser by Jared 0% of ₩100,000 raised See More
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